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Do you need a professional and reliable carpet cleaning company in Humble, Texas? Whenever there are stains and heavy foot traffic that is in your carpets and floors, you will probably needing the experts in cleaning. Good thing, there is Carpet Cleaning in Humble to do the help. Call us today to schedule.

  • Dirt is the number one reason with regards to wearing out your carpets and steam cleaning is the most obvious way to discard it. Carpet also sips oil, pollen, lint, dander, pet hair and dirt. Somehow, there are instances that you have your guest and visitors in your house, they will take off their shoes upon entering your home, the dirt will still find its path into your carpets. The more debris will be drawn out and stays on your carpets, the more it will become an integral part that is why regular vacuuming is really needed.
  • Most people acknowledge a fresh, clean look and feel of your carpets and upholstery; you can surely depend upon the professional carpet cleaning services in Humble TX. Medical centers with carpets or floor tiles that it keeps to be clean will normally schedule cleaning again and again for healthy reasons, and furthermore those that have white carpets and upholstery. Some may choose to have floors, whether carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning, to be finished on a less common basis. As long as vacuuming is carried out as foreseeable as ever, your carpet will save its cleanliness until your next settlement.
  • If you have kids or pets, it will be going to work if you ought to consider the expansion of a stain safety treatment alongside usual cleanings! Many customers think that it is helpful to have carpets cleaned after any significant allergy season.
  • With many options to choose from when it comes to carpet cleaning in Texas, you’ll want to invest in services that have proven successful time and time again. That is what we specialize in Humble Carpet Cleaning, we provide the most effective Eco-friendly cleaning you can find anywhere in Humble. Our products are 100% safe for people, plants, and pets.  We care about the health and well being of our clients and the environment. We only utilize products that have been tested and certified safe for you and your family. Is saving a dollar worth for your family’s health?

About Us

  • Humble, Texas Carpet Cleaning is a full-service carpet cleaning company serving in Texas and surrounding places.
  • We are honored to be your professional carpet cleaning company in Texas.
  • Texas Carpet Cleaning offers both residential and commercial customers excellent cleaning services for your carpets, upholstery and tile and grout needs.
  • We provide a high quality of cleaning services at a very affordable price.
  • Our mission is not only to make sure that our customers are satisfied, but truly happy with our services.
  • Providing you with the professional customer service and carpet care that you have ever experienced is our top priority.
  • Everything we do is intentionally to make your experience with our company a comfortable, pleasant and memorable one, for all the right reasons.

As we worked to build our reputation, we know that residential owners had more household issues other than just dirty carpet, so we hope we’d lend a helping hand to our customers. Moreover to carpet cleaning, we also offer:

  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Pet Stain and Odor Removal
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Red Stain Removal
  • Water Extraction
  • Fabric and Fiber Protection

Serving both homeowners and businesses, Humble carpet cleaners works fast and leave your carpet as clean and dry as possible so you can enjoy your home again. Don not let the value of carpet cleaning in Humble deter you from regaining the pristine look of fresh carpet that everyone loves. Get started now for the very best carpet cleaning in Humble with modern, environmentally friendly solutions for any job!

Why Is It Needed To Clean Your Carpets?

Reasons to clean your carpet go beyond appearance and beauty, but it will improve more the overall feeling of you and your family and your leisure time if your carpets are clean. You can attempt to clean your carpets yourself by hiring a rug doctor or any other vacuum but most probably you will waste your money and ruin your carpet. Save your earned money, our rates in Humble TX Carpet Cleaning are very affordable and we can tailor fit a cleaning package that will benefit your home.

Achieve the High Quality Clean – NOW!

  • It really doesn’t matter to us whether we clean your carpets, tile and grout or upholstery. When you get to contact us, we will then give you a superior deep cleaning process that will make your carpets, floors and stains disappear. It’s hard enough keeping a clean home without having to worry about how different cleaning chemicals affect your family. We won’t always be mindful of the sensitivity that you, your family, or friends may experience.
  • By using a unique line of cleaning agents, we will work hard on those high-traffic areas to make it sure that every floor in your home looks brand new.  We only use the chemical base dry cleaning method which leaves your carpet cleaner and drier. We take great pride in using only environment safe and hypoallergenic products to ensure not only a clean carpet but a sanitized carpet for a clean and healthy environment your entire family can enjoy. Our process also provides you with a healthier home because we do not soak your carpets with harsh soaps or chemicals.  Our cleaning solution is perfectly safe for you and your family because it is biodegradable.
  • We promise our style of cleaning won’t just take allergens from the floor and put them back into the air. The health and safety of your family is always a priority in Humble TX Carpet Cleaning.
  • Do you have pets in your house? You will surely love our capability to remove its stains and odors.

The Best Carpet Cleaners In Humble, TX

  • Our employees at Carpet Cleaning TX are educated to the highest level of professionalism in customer service and commitment. They are also certified and skilled technicians in carpet care. They are the best choice for your carpet cleaning and repair, upholstery cleaning, pet stain & odor removal, tile & grout cleaning, and area rug cleaning services in Humble, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, Montgomery, Tomball, Conroe and Cypress.
  • Each of our certified employees is always ready to help and we’re all dedicated to that principle. At TX Carpet Cleaning, you can rest assured that you are working with the best. You have nothing to waste except for dirt, stains, and odors.

Outstanding Service at Affordable Prices!

  • Enhance the look of all carpeted areas of your home or business with services from our carpet cleaning company in Humble Texas. At Texas Carpet Cleaning, we can handle your toughest stains. We clean deeply your carpets using a high-powered, Eco-friendly solutions to eliminate dirt, grime, moisture, and any residue that may exist from a previous cleaning.
  • Our revolutionary cleaning technique allows you to receive unprecedented results without having to pay more. If you’re sick of spending hundreds of dollars to have your carpet cleaned and not receiving the results you were promised, then it’s time you turn to Texas Carpet Cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

  • At Humble TX Carpet Cleaning, we know that cleaning helps to protect your investment. As part of the industry, we are committed to delivering the best carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service you can find. In fact, we possess a primary lineup of services that out-perform the competition, brought to you from highly skilled specialists. Our qualified deep cleaning provides the care and maintenance needed to extend the life of your floors and carpets. Not only do we save you time, you can also feel at ease, knowing that you work and live in a clean and healthier environment.

We Value Our Customer’s Satisfaction

  • Customer’s satisfaction matters and we fully understand that. It matters not only to the customer itself, but because it directly impacts a company’s bottom line profits, so it also matter even more to the business. Furthermore, it is one of the most significant components of a company’s positive brand image. We value your business and offer this guarantee in writing if we can’t remove the spot or stains no one else can either, if so we’ll pay for it. No hassles.
  • Some companies advertise a low price, and then charge you more when they get there. What is included and what is not, it should be clear with that. You should be concerned about their quality if their price is truly low. How can you pay technicians a decent wage and have the best products and equipment at the lowest price? You can’t. In Carpet Cleaning TX, we don’t have gimmicks and no hidden fees.

Don’t Settle For Less!

  • We are wholeheartedly devoted to our customer’s satisfaction. Indeed, our business principle is centered on a high quality service and customer satisfaction. We recognize that satisfied customers are the backbone that supports every successful business. We treat every customer like they were a part of our family. By providing professional, quality service, we always express our appreciation, gratitude and respect. Carpet Cleaning Texas’ customer’s satisfactions guarantee guides all of our work. We are definitely not satisfied until our customers are.
  • Our goal is for you and your family to be in a clean, healthy, and sanitized environment. We thank you for choosing Humble Texas Carpet Cleaning for all your floor care needs…and remember; it’s all about CLEANLINESS!
  • When your carpets and floor tiles needs cleaning, call us for a free estimate and affordable prices! Carpets last longer when they are cleaned on a regular basis.


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